Important Notes on Compatibility

Here are some very interesting points relating to Synastry or Astrological Compatibility:

Here are the origins of the two antonyms:

Syn (harmonious relationship with) aster (stars) ...Synastry

Dis (not being in harmony with) aster (stars) ... Disaster!

I used to give a lot of lectures on cruise ships like the Stella Solaris where I met people who had been married for 30 to 40 years and still got along really well. I asked them the secret of their happy marriage and one of the most common replies was "focus on being happy rather being right"! In other words, if you are only after "truth" it has the potential to destroy the relationship. When you find your partner is wrong, then instead of trying to convince them at all cost, just give you point and leave it at that.

Another very important insight was that nobody is right or wrong in the relationship, just two people with their different viewpoints! I thought this was really interesting as it completely takes away the need to be defensive. "Nobody was right or wrong, we just had different viewpoints"!

I have put in two different graphs to help you assess your compatibility:

Your matches are based on F I R M which is:

1- Friendship (Communication), which I feel is one of the most important ingredients in any relationship.

2- Intimacy that is Passion towards each other. This is especially important for Western couples (Easterners are more concerned with spiritual connection).

3- Romance or Love (this should really be #2 but it is easier to remember FIRM than FRIM! When two people have many things in common and have good communication, love usually follows. This is not just the love at first sight but the one which grows out of sharing many small common elements and experiences.

4- Marriage (Commitment). This is of course very important for any long term relationship i.e. a sense of commitment which is exactly the opposite attitude than those who only seek short flings with no commitment.

The Synastry Graph is based on the following seven points:

1- Communication

2- Romance

3- Passion

4- Commitment

5- Wealth

6- Conflict

7- Addiction Risk

The first four are similar to the FIRM points explained above.

Wealth indicator shows if your partner has the ability to make you wealthy. Hopefully, it is not because you are the beneficiary to their life insurance policy but it is quite possible. For example, if their Jupiter touches off your Venus, then they will definitely enhance your wealth. Similarly, if their Saturn adversely aspects your Venus, then you might actually lose money because of them. If you are a real spendthrift, then this may actually be a good aspect which makes you more realistic in your spending.

Conflict is a dangerous one and can indicate major legal hassles or accidents because of the interaction of the two people. Legal hassles, accidents, flareups, temper, heart problems due to frustration and anger, are all part of this indicator.

Addiction Risk can also be called a Nightmare indicator as it points to one person somehow becoming a nightmare to the other one. If one person's Mars touches off the other person's Neptune, then the Neptune person could easily go off at a tangent and into escapist tendencies. This can also point to major fraud and deception e.g. you find out that the person was a big fraud and really took you for a ride.


The Elements Graph:


In astrology, we use four different Elements or Triplicites as they call them as there are four sets of temperaments each one of them comprising of three elements. The ancients believed that everything in nature was made up of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. These are the basic building blocks of nature. Human temperament also falls into these basic four categories.


We use ten "planets" in astrology including the Sun and the Moon (which we call planets to stick to the ancient terminology). All the planets will fall into these four Elements: You may be a Cancer but have many Leo planets or e.g. Michael Jackson is a shy Virgo but has Mercury and Venus in Leo so he dresses in a flamboyant way (jeweled glove) and is very dramatic on the stage.


Planets in Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) show the amount of confidence, need for action and sense of adventure. Fire wants what it wants, when it wants it and usually right away! Fire make one action oriented and wanting to get things done rather than just thinking about it. It makes one more of a self started and sudden bursts of energy and enthusiasm. President Obama is a Leo with Mercury in Leo which makes him a charismatic speaker. He has Venus in Cancer which gives him deep family values and love of good food and barbecues and family get together's.


Planets in Earth signs (Tarus, Virgo and Capricorn)